Getting There

Getting to Greenland
CH2M HILL Polar Services determines and provides the best and most cost-effective mode of transportation to Greenland and back, based upon research team requirements. Travelers choosing an alternate mode of transportation do so at their own expense.

A fisheye-view inside a C-130 airplane, a primary transport mode between the US and Greenland.. Photo: Henning Thing

A fisheye-view inside a C-130 airplane. Photo: Henning Thing

Air National Guard
CPS arranges transport of personnel and equipment aboard New York Air National Guard 109th Air Wing (ANG) flights from Scotia, New York to Thule, or Kangerlussuaq, and return. Science teams are responsible for payment of travel to and from Scotia. The ANG is the primary mode of transportation during the summer field season.

To view the ANG flight schedule, please log in to the Cargo Tracking System.

Transportation Information in Clifton Park
Transportation to Scotia is provided with stops in Clifton Park. Researchers and other NSF-approved visitors will receive details from their CPS science project manager. CPS staff should contact the PFS HR manager for transportation information.

Commercial Air

Scheduled jet service is available to Kangerlussuaq from Copenhagen, Denmark via Air Greenland. Travelers may also fly via Reykjavik on Iceland Air. Onward routing to Nuuk is provided by Air Greenland or Air Iceland. Air Greenland operates the final leg to Kangerlussuaq.