Kangerlussuaq in winter.

Kangerlussuaq in winter.

CPS’ administrative offices are located in rooms 109 and 110 at the Kangerlussuaq International Science Support (KISS) facility.

Administrative Services Available:

  • Office and administrative support: personal computer, copier, secure storage for documents and baggage, and mail forwarding
  • Communications center support: emergency and business-related telephone calls, Internet, fax, UHF and VHF radios
  • Remote camp support: daily telephone, email, radio or telex contact to remote sites, support flight scheduling, passenger and cargo movement, and emergency medical backup
  • In-country travel arrangements: for commercial domestic flights, special fixed-wing or helicopter charters, and lodging

The Greenland Logistics Manager (office 109 in the KISS facility) provides a central point of contact and liaison with local and national governmental agencies and in-country vendors.

Interior view of one of the CPS warehouses in Kangerlussuaq. Photo: Eric "Bear" Coplin

Interior view of one of the CPS warehouses in Kangerlussuaq. Photo: Eric “Bear” Coplin

CH2M HILL Polar Services warehouses are located in buildings 415 (Mechanical Shop) and 416 (Kangerlussuaq Science Center).

Warehouse Services Available:

  • Warehouse facilities: some indoor storage, frozen sample storage (to –20° C), and outside storage
  • Shipping and receiving center: packaging and labeling materials, freight forwarding, and receiving

Lodging and meals are provided for personnel participating in the current field season. All personnel are housed in the KISS facility. KISS has two person dormitory rooms with common baths. CPS provides meals at several local restaurants. Food also can be purchased at a local store and prepared in the KISS facility kitchens.

Please contact the Greenland Science Support Manager for further information.