Field Sites

Greenland map

Kangerlussuaq – Formerly known as Sondestromfjord, this community is the base of CPS operations in Greenland. Located at 67° North, 50° 43′ West.

Raven – Skiway training facility for the New York Air National Guard 109th Air Wing – Located at 66° 29′ North, 46° 17′ West.

Summit Station – At an elevation of 10,530 feet, Summit Station is located at 72° 36′ North, 38° 25′ West on the summit of the Greenland ice sheet.

Thule Air Base – Thule Air Base is located 900 miles South of the North Pole at 76° 32′ North, 68° 50′ West. Proper clearances must be obtained for accessing Thule.