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CPS provides logistics planning, remote camp equipment, and coordination of services for Greenland research projects. Current sites supported include Kangerlussuaq, Summit Station, Thule Air Base, and Raven Camp, a training facility used by the US Air National Guard 109th Airlift Wing.

Climbing the 50-meter tower at Swiss Camp. Photo: Katrine Gorham

Tending to mounted instruments at Summit Station. Photo: Katrine Gorham

Support Services May Include:

  • Logistics support (transportation, air support, cargo movement, facilities)
  • Field camp management and staffing
  • Military travel and base/area clearances
  • Lodging and arrangements at research or “hub” sites
  • Coordinating support requests with the appropriate agencies and support contractors in Greenland and Denmark

Scientists are responsible for providing their own cold weather and personal gear, including toiletries and comfortable clothing for non-working hours. See recommendations on the Clothing page.

Please contact the Greenland Science Support Manager for further information.

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