The iconic sign post at Canadian Forces Station, Alert, in the High Arctic.

19 March 2011
Canadian Forces Station Alert, Nunavut

Gusting winds are the first sign of the blizzard to come, blowing snow around the Alert Destination sign at a face-numbing pace on the 19th of March, 2011. It would be the second blizzard to hit Canadian Forces Station Alert in a week. The Destination sign allows visitors to see at a glance how far the station is from many different cities in Canada and beyond.

Canadian Forces Station Alert was first settled in 1950 as part of the Joint Arctic Weather System. It is the northern most permantly inhabited point in the world and was named after a British ship, the HMS Alert. Today, CFS Alert plays an important role in establishing Canadian soverenty in the north.

Photo by Corporal Jennifer Kusche
(C) 2011 DND-MDN Canada