Seward Peninsula

CPS can support summer and winter field research on the Seward Peninsula.

A field camp near Shishmaref. Photo: Matt Irinaga

A field camp near Shishmaref. Photo: Matt Irinaga

Nome, with commercial jet service, is a starting point for traveling on to more remote field sites. CPS may pay for lodging in Nome when weather or other circumstances require that a scientist stay overnight.

In order for lodging to be paid for, the following conditions must be met:

  • The scientist was not provided accommodations funding in their grant
  • CPS has given prior approval for the lodging

Support can also be arranged in Council, a small community at the end of a 75-mile gravel road, or at Quartz Creek. In Council, a summer road (open June through September) makes Council accessible for fuel, food and equipment for researchers. Camp facilities may be arranged in one of the local homes. Conditions are rustic with bunkhouse-style accommodations. The atmosphere in Council is neighborly with residents from Nome and White Mountain seasonally living there.