Prudhoe Bay

CPS supports researchers working in the Prudhoe Bay vicinity, in the community of Deadhorse. Due to significant oilfield activity, any work in this area must be arranged and scheduled months in advance. Keep in mind that this community exists solely to support the oil industry and there are no permanent residents.

Prudhoe Bay. Photo: Judith Kirk

Prudhoe Bay. Photo: Judith Kirk

The Deadhorse airport (code SCC) is reachable via Anchorage, Fairbanks, or Barrow, via both Alaska Air and Ravn Alaska.  Deadhorse is also accessible via a 12-hour plus drive from Fairbanks on the Dalton Highway. Most rental car companies do not allow their cars to drive on the Dalton Highway or any other dirt road; please work with CPS if you need a truck that can drive the Dalton.

Several oilfield service companies work in Deadhorse that can provide a variety of services to visitors.   CPS can provide the following services, often with the help of other companies in Deadhorse.  

Lodging and Services
Lodging in Deadhorse is provided through several local “camps” and hotels. Reservations must be made significantly in advance due to limited resources and industry activity. Most accommodations consist of a standard modular work camp arrangement with simple rooms and (potentially) shared bathrooms. Smoking is allowed in some areas. Meals are included with most lodging options and are served buffet style; food is always available. All lodging options have laundry facilities. Several lodging options in town feature nearly identical amenities. Please talk with your CPS Project Manager to determine which facility location is best suited to your needs.

The following mailing/shipping methods are generally available in Deadhorse:

  • Federal Express packages can be shipped to Deadhorse, for pick-up at the local agent, NAPA/Brooks Range Supply. They do not deliver, and you cannot ship out from Deadhorse.
  • Alaska Airlines offers their gate-to-gate Goldstreak Service as well as several other options.
  • UPS and DHL have had options in Deadhorse, but verify current availability at the time of shipping.
  • Lynden, Carlile, Northern Air Cargo and Everts Air cargo also have facilities in Deadhorse, and are best for larger shipments.

Shipping to a specific hotel or air vendor is an option. Communicate with your CPS Project Manager or the vendor to carefully label packages with your name and the correct vendor address. It is best to ship items so they do not sit in a warehouse for over one week without previous arrangements for storage. Please communicate specifically if items require heated storage.

Alaska Airlines has a walk-in freezer that may be used for samples, with prior arrangement (Alaska Air Cargo Deadhorse office: 907-659-2688).

Grocery and Post Office
There is one store, with a post office, in Deadhorse.  The Brooks Range Supply offers limited food, clothing, and souvenir items.  Do not rely on this store for groceries as item quantities and options are extremely limited.  The post office has very limited hours; as of March 2015 they are open 1pm-3pm and 7pm-9pm daily.

With significant advance notice, CPS Project Managers can arrange crew cab truck rentals for work originating in Deadhorse.    Rental vendors in Deadhorse will assist with pick up and drop off at the airport.  Trucks typically are not provided with toppers.

Fuel is available at an automated Tesoro (will not accept Fleet cards) or at the Chevron Station run by Nana. Like all rental agencies, the vehicles are provided full of fuel and need to be returned with a full tank.

All lodging options offer wireless Internet, although some of the hotels charge a fee for the service.

Laundry and Showers
All lodging options have laundry and shower facilities.  Bathrooms typically are either private or shared between two rooms.

CPS has a unit for cold (unheated) storage of equipment located on Dalton Road. Storage at this location must be carefully coordinated with CPS well ahead of time.

The Fairweather Deadhorse Medical Clinic offers urgent and emergency medical services out of the Deadhorse Aviation Center on the Deadhorse airstrip.  Please note that this facility does not accept insurance and requires payment up-front.

All those intending to work on the oilfields must contact the appropriate oilfield representatives for authorization and badging. CPS can assist with the costs of training, including the North Slope Training Co-operative Unescorted class (9-10 hour class), available in Fairbanks or Anchorage. For more information, contact your CPS Project Manager.

Guns for bear protection may be taken on the oilfields; however, you do need to contact the appropriate oilfield authorities in advance to have it registered.

The Prudhoe Bay Hotel has a basic map of Prudhoe Bay, showing locations of some of these services with respect to the Dalton Highway and the airport (bottom center).  Please contact your CPS Project Manager for a more detailed map if you are looking for a specific vendor.

CH2M HILL Energy Services and Operations
CH2M HILL Alaska Region of Energy Services and Operations (ESO) is one oilfield services company in the area. It is a separate company from CPS and should not be contacted for CPS questions or needs while in Deadhorse.  For all science support needs, please contact CPS.