Medical Forms

The physical qualification process

Effective 2/1/2015:

The National Science Foundation Health Unit no longer makes physical qualification (PQ) determinations for Arctic participants. The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) on behalf of Leidos Antarctic Support Contractor (ASC) is now responsible for making PQ determinations for Arctic and Antarctic participants.  Please contact your science project manager (for researchers) or your supervisor (for staff) to initiate your PQ process.

PFS science project managers:

Jessy Jenkins

Kyli Cosper

Tom Quinn

Julie Raine

Your project manager or supervisor will contact UTMB on your behalf. UTMB will send you a packet of medical forms. Complete the paperwork, and return it (via physical mail or fax) to UTMB. After review, UTMB will send a determination email to you and the PFS safety manager.

Instructions for completing PQ process