Whiteout simulator

Simulating the white out experience with a potential future polar scientist.

CPS is committed to supporting NSF-sponsored outreach to improve public understanding of the polar regions. We enjoy promoting the work we are privileged to support.

Field Notes

The ability to bear witness to researchers we assist in the rapidly changing Arctic is a big, intangible benefit of the work we do. We try to share glimpses of our view, and cover other topics of interest, in the Field Notes blog.

Story ideas? Send an email to cpscomms@polarfield.com.


CPS activities in the frontier state are featured in Alaska Business Monthly’s November, 2014 edition. Read it here.

Barrow Bulletin
The Barrow Bulletin is intended to help research teams prepare for work in Barrow, Alaska. Meet CPS staff and find information on facilities, infrastructure and services available, and on policies for those conducting research in Alaska. The website also provides news updates about research and the Barrow community.

CPS partner Polar Field Services joined Facebook in the fall of 2012. Visit the Polar Field Services Facebook page to view the kaleidoscope of images, news, cultural tidbits, and program updates we see in our work.

Find images sent to us from all over the Arctic, primarily by the researchers we support, in galleries on the CPS website. Please be sure to credit the image owner as suggested in the archive.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us at cpscomms@polarfield.com. We probably have something you can use!

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