CH2M HILL, Inc., Polar Field Services, SRI, and UIC Science form the CPS team, which provides Arctic research support and logistics services (“ARSLS”) under contract to our client, the The National Science Foundation’s Arctic Program. Within CPS, each of the four core companies brings specific expertise that strengthens our support delivery.

CH2M HILL, Inc. (Now Jacobs)
As the prime contractor, this partner has oversight of the ARSLS contract. CH2M HILL offers engineering, operations, business systems and program management expertise to the Arctic Program; and its corporate focus on environmental stewardship, risk management, and innovation suit the spirit and real challenges of polar research. With over 25,000 employees the world over, CH2M HILL has the depth in human and technical resources to reach into any corner of the Arctic where our services are needed.

Polar Field Services
The PFS team has worked with NSF-funded scientists for the past 25 years. This small, woman-owned business uses project management tools and vast experience to arrange practical, innovative support for expeditions small and large. Expertise includes research support planning, appropriate/renewable energy solutions, and field camps and risk management. Our expert seasonal staff operate field camps and stations.

With more than 40 years of experience conducting client-sponsored research and development for government and other agencies, SRI is a leader in the polar research community. We provide field communications and autonomous systems support for the current ARSLS program. Personnel have extensive experience conducting research, supporting researchers, developing instrumentation and communications systems, and operating research facilities in cold regions.

UIC Science
A small business subsidiary of Alaska native company Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation (UIC), UIC Science provides on-the-ground support for researchers basing at or transiting Utqiagvik, Alaska, the northernmost community in the US. Because we know Alaskan politics, culture, and land-use regulations, we provide reliable local knowledge and expertise in the Utqiagvik and North Slope area. We have full-service capability in Alaska and have been responsible for various civil engineering, site development, construction, and program management projects.

The National Science Foundation’s Arctic Program
Within NSF’s Directorate for Geosciences, the Office of Polar Programs (OPP) initiates and manages funding for basic research and its operational support in the Arctic (and the Antarctic). Research funds are provided as NSF grants to institutions whose scientists conduct research, some with fieldwork, in Earth and system science and polar frontier studies. Other grants support research enabled by the “natural laboratory” attributes of the polar setting. OPP supports individual investigators or research teams, some with international components. Projects can involve investigators from many disciplines and institutions over several years, and they are administered by program experts in science disciplines, including Arctic Social Sciences, Arctic Natural Sciences, Arctic Observing Network, and Arctic System Science.

In addition to funding research grants, OPP supports fieldwork activities (e.g., transportation, lodging, per diem, etc.) for projects receiving NSF research grants. The Arctic Research Support and Logistics Program funds cooperative agreements or contracts with organizations that support polar fieldwork. CPS is the primary support contractor for the Arctic Program, operating under NSF’s Arctic Research Support and Logistics Services contract NSFDACS11C1675. Annually we support well over 150 individual projects, involving close to 1,000 researchers visiting more than 200 field sites around the Arctic.